Wednesday, April 25, 2007

goodbye ASU

Apparently, I'm graduating from ASU's College of Design in about two weeks. After so many years of practically living at the architecture building and running on no sleep... I can't believe the end is here. If it wasn't for all the projects and design exhibits left to finish, I'd be celebrating early.


  1. i am so excited for you angela. i wish that i could be there to help you celebrate! i am so jelous you get to go to New York! you are going to have so much fun. post some pictures from your show! i miss you! love ya! adellie :)

  2. Anonymous5/04/2007

    Angela I am so exicted to hear from you. What are you going to do after school is over? also do you do anything with websites? That might be a stupid question but. I know some one who has a website. She is a photographer and she needs some work done on it. and I told her about you.