Sunday, May 27, 2007

I <3 NY

We're back from New York and settling into the normal everyday life that we left behind. Except everything is new for me and actually not normal at all... I started work with my business partner Raquel last Wednesday. Things are going well so far but we have so many things to do. We actually already had our first client meeting, and another scheduled this week, and some promising possibilities. It's only a matter of time before we're rich and famous.

Our trip to New York was wonderful and made me further realize what awesome in-laws (and husband) I have. Some of my favorite parts were:
-Andrew Bird concert & seeing my good friend Nathan who lives in NY
-Museum of Modern Art
-Broadway plays: 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, STOMP
-walking all over the city, across the bridge to Brooklyn and looking at amazing houses
-spending hours in Central Park
-Greenwich Village, Little Italy
-rain rain rain and cold weather
-yummy food: best falafels ever! and delicious cupcakes from Magnolia bakery
-our crazy "art deco" hotel with bizarre furniture, right by Times Square

{near the World Trade Center: Steve, Amy, Clint, me, Kenny, Lindsey}

{MoMA...I loved all the graphic design and designer furniture...and basically everything else there!}

{MoMA...Clint loved this satirical commentary exhibit "What Happened to US" about the U.S. media}

{Clint in one of the guitar shops, playing his precious Fender Jazzmaster}

{nap in Central Park}

{Central Park}

{crossing Brooklyn Bridge in the rain}

{I love numbers!}

{Little Italy in the rain}

{one of the many 'incidents' with the wheelchair...Lindsey is pregnant with twins and couldn't walk too far, so we pushed her around the whole time...except for the times when Steve (Clint's dad) decided to play with it and push it up hills and crash it into subway walls}

{playing chess in Washington Square Park}

{Greenwich Village}


  1. so much fun! looks like you covered a lot of ground! you and clint are so cute! i miss you!

  2. CUTE pictures! Angela, you are such a business WOman! I saw that you had called, but as busy as I have been, I haven't even had time to check my messages yet. Clark has been sick, so I have had my hands tied up. He's actually sleeping on my shoulder right now, so typing is as loud of a conversation as I can have right now. Anyway, I will call you back...hopefully tonight when rob gets home and I have a break. I love being a mommy..but that's all im finding time for right now. talk to you soon

  3. What a freaking fun trip! And I love all the pics! I am so excited for you that you are going to be working and doing what you love and are good at. Steve and I were looking at pics on Sunday night of when we all lived together and that was so much fun. We miss seeing you!

  4. Sounds like you had a blast! I am envying you right now. I want to go to new york so bad. I just found that my good friend megan is moving their so maby it will happen. By the way I love my title page. it is great. also I was thinkng of maby getting new business cards maybe updating them. call me I want to talk. Also do you by any chance know if you can change the font of down load font to your blog. do you get what I am saying?

  5. hi angela. does clint know that that picture of you guys at the subway is a famous skateboarding spot? i am sure he does. logan was excited when he saw it. all your pictures made him really want to go to New York. bye!