Saturday, June 23, 2007

elsa kate & lucy pearl

Happy 1st birthday to Lucy & Elsa!

Cutest little twins ever... I love being an aunt.

We had a birthday party for the girls last night. This was before the frosting ended up smeared all over their faces.

Pretty cool sunglasses, huh?

Me, Clara, Anna, and Daniel - our little brother who is not so little anymore

Clint finally got a haircut! Thanks Lisa... he was starting to look like the skaterboy/high school version of him :)

(yes Anna, I stole these pictures from you)


  1. Cute pictures! your family is so cool. And that is so exciting about Jeremi! You and clint were so nice to let me tag along to all those fun shows. Thank you! You dont know how much i enjoyed those. I will never forget the infamous animal collective trip down to tucson. haha, what an inresting spectacle that was! so much fun. well, i hope you guys visit soon, adell comes down in about two weeks!

  2. Dont you just love twins??! danny and beka had twins and i love em so much!! they are a riot. Those girls are so cute! they'll grow up and date their two boys! : )

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