Wednesday, June 20, 2007

here comes the sun

SOLANA BEACH 2007 | Blake Family Vacation

{day one}
Drive to California - 8.5 hours (instead of 5.5? Apparently, that's the way the Blake family rolls...stopping at almost every rest stop, possibly just to make sure we were ALL seen with our matching blue tie-dye shirts). Love it. Upon arrival, we head right down to the beach. Later, dinner with everyone, again in the matching shirts.

{day two}
Church. Yoga with papa Hardison (not as relaxing as I had hoped). Temple lessons with mama Hardison. Long walk on the beach with sufficient time to admire all the lovely beach houses.

{day three}
Jog to the Cedros Design District. Visit to favorite place SoLo, my inspiration for a future design 'warehouse.' More time at the beach. Body surfing (note to self: strapless swimsuit + powerful waves = no good). Attack of the killer waves and the resultant whiplash. Concert in the park.

{day four}
Last day on the beach. Bask in the sun, avoid the ocean waves. Fly home with Clint from San Diego Airport, arrive home quickly and happily.


  1. me & clara are so glad you are back. we missed you and don't know what we're going to do when you move away from us (sad face). glad you had fun and i wante to hear more about the strapless swimsuit and wave story. :) love you!

  2. question, how come there are no pictures of the matching tie die t-shirts?! what a fun trip! Rob and I had to bail out on my fams california trip b/c Clark was a little too fussy, but luckily robs fam is going in August and i can't wait! look so skinny in your cute swim suits!

  3. ok love love love your swim suits! where did you find those? You guys are too cute. looks like cali was fun!!

  4. Love the pictures Ang and the pic in the black suit is HOT! That is a frammer! I want to go!

  5. Angela where did you get all your cute swimsuits. This is Christi Curtis-anderson. I haven't seen or talked to you in awhile and I thought I would say HI.