Sunday, July 15, 2007

canyon creek

This weekend we went up to Canyon Creek for a Passey family reunion.

I have so many memories of camping here when I was younger, with all my cousins. I still can't believe that Clint's family has never been camping together before...that's weird, right?

Us with my little sister Lily

Walking across the creek

If you look closely at my arm in this picture, you'll see the mosquito which was is in the process of sucking my blood.

I love my neices so much I always just want to squeeze them; I can't imagine what's going to happen when I actually have my own kids.

Lucy. Yes, she's eating a stick.

Elsa being cute as always

Family at the creek


  1. how fun! Angela, i miss you! I know you are a busy business woman, but we have GOT to get together!

  2. Angela, Eda told me yesterday that this was your last Sunday in her ward...she was very sad about it and said that her sundays are just not going to be the same without you...where are you guys moving to anyways?

  3. Angela
    It looks like so much fun. I love going camping. Hope you have a great week.
    Christi Anderson
    P.S. Thank you for telling me where you got your cute swimsuits.

  4. it's okay that you think that picture of you is unattractive that is on my blog. it's okay, because you are beautiful so you don't need pictures to convince people you are pretty like i do... i use them to create an illusion. :) case in point: look at the CRAZY picture of me on beka's blog. i have one GIANT mouth! :)

  5. Angela! I found your blog, how exciting. We caved and made one too. Check it out-
    I know, its weird, the blake fam just is not a camping family. I think I went once when my dad begrudgingly took me to a father daughter camp out. Other than that I've never been with my family either.
    We go to cali instead :)
    It was fun to look at all of your pictures.