Wednesday, August 1, 2007

new month. old photos.

I've been so busy the past week or two, both at work and home and inbetween. Somehow it's already August...! You know what that means - I don't have to go back to school! I'm so glad I didn't say yes to teaching some of the design classes at ASU. Not so soon anyway.

Finally got a new iPod (after my last 2 failed), so I guess I can resume going to the gym everyday. Ha.

I was just archiving old files on my laptop and watched a movie I had made for my mom for Mother's Day a couple years ago. It has so many great old photos. I especially love this picture of my three oldest siblings (Rachel, Ryan, Emily), and the snapshot of my parents.


  1. we have the cutest family ever! :)

  2. I still look the same.

  3. Elsa sort of looks like you. should see some of the baby pictures of me I was looking at. I'm like a little Elsa with brown hair. Except maybe not as cute.

  4. Angela, then Elsa is going to very beautiful. I want to see those pictures.