Wednesday, August 15, 2007

slow build

Our house has looked like this, more or less, for the past 5 weeks. Actually, I haven't seen it for about a week, but still. It was supposed to be finished August 20th...

The latest news is that it will be done mid-September. I really hope they don't keep pushing it back because I'm so anxious and excited to move in. Currently, the highlights of my after-work-life include shopping online for rugs & lighting and wandering around Home Depot.


  1. Home depot is a dangerous place!! They make everything look so easy. (its a trick!!) cause then i start thinkin to myself "hey i can do that!" and mid way through my project i realize that its NOT that easy! But still its one of my favorite places to wander! : )

  2. Oh yea!!! Im so happy for you guys..but that kinda stinks that it won't be done in time! Hey, im back from california and Clark and I are ready to play!!! We are going to the cabin this weekend, but hopefully we can get together sometime next week for lunch. Whoever is available should join us! HEy, have you talked to aimee heiner you have her email or number? I miss that girl!

  3. well maybe the next time i come down it will be done! i am so excited to see it. sounds like you have big plans for the interiors! i can't wait :)