Monday, September 10, 2007


Anybody who knows me pretty well knows that I'm not exactly an 'animal-lover.' In fact, I've been known to say I'll never have pets in my life. Part of me thinks this stems from a tragedy that occurred when I was a little girl and my dog Bruno got hit by a car. Another part of me thinks it's because they just seem so dirty and smelly. I don't like their little skeletons sitting on me or their feet touching me or them rubbing up against me and I especially hate when they lick me.

So when Raquel told me she was going to get a puppy, I was not looking forward to having a little creature hanging out by me all day everyday at work. Then she came home with a little black and white Boston Terrier and it only took a few minutes before I decided that I love her! I seriously laugh at her all day long. Clint used to say that someday I would give in to my little kids begging me for a puppy; now I'm almost sure it won't even take the begging to convince me.

Her name is Feather and I'm her auntie (not to be confused with aunt - which title I reserve for all my precious neices and nephews). Isn't she adorable?


  1. Ha Ha! Angie, I am the same way! Try being close friends with kelsee brady and being an animal hater! ha ha! In wisconsin EVERYONE had dogs....not only do they take them everywhere they go, but they expect you to love their dogs just as much as they annoying! But I must say...feather is pretty dang cute!

  2. oooh I love her. Shes so cute. You and Beka are the same. She Hates my dogs. Its funny how much they terrorize her cause they are so small!! And beacause im the biggest greenpeacer ever i love them!!! (except cats)

  3. Hey Angela.. Its Kiara... I just wanted to say Hi, I love reading your blog, it looks like you are doing good. Where are you having your house built?? I am in Queen Creek, is it close?? ... you dont like dogs?? you are crazy, I have 2 that are my children right now.. Keep in touch..

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  5. Hello there Angela!
    Glad you guys are enjoying the movies. It is impossible to not too. Yes, dylan rocks and is also very hilarious at times. anyways, did I miss the show you were talking about? or is it this upcoming monday as in the 17th? Well i hope i didn't. school-night or not, I would love a good show!
    Well i hope we can hang out soon! You make such wonderful and civilized company, its refreshing after spending my days with mountain view Extra Terrestrials.

  6. angela.. I love boston terriers!! me and joe had a boston terrier when we first got married.. but joe made me get rid of it after a month..I guess he didnt like the whole me coming home and surprising him with a dog..haha but my dog looked just like that... well cute dog!!

  7. Hi Angela, this is Jessica- remember me? Probably not because it is a really common name. Unfortunately in order for people to know who I am, I have to say "Rome's wife" most of the time. How jealous I am of unique names! Just wait until we have kids! Anyway, first I have to admit that I stalk you on your blog (in all of my spare time from graduate school...). I love it, and I am so impressed with your design abilities/new company! Secondly, perhaps you remember that I am a huge animal lover and activist, so this posting caught my attention! I am so happy to hear that this adorable little pup has changed your views on pets! Try to remember her cute face when she gets to be older- I know it seems hard to imagine, but she will get to be not so cute at some point (always cute to her owner though). And lastly, (before I right a novel), don't run out to get one just yet- it's at least a 10 year commitment...and make sure to spay and neuter to help reduce the millions of cat/dog euthanasias that occur every year!
    Okay, that last part sounded quite preachy, and I also hate to end on a dismal note. So, tell Clint hi and we would love to hang out sometime! Your house is so cute!