Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Great news: in two more days, we won't be homeless anymore! This past Saturday after our house inspection we went to visit Anna and then took her, Clara, and my youngest sister Lily out to dinner.

{ SIDE NOTE: I've decided that most restaurants in Mesa aren't very good (or maybe just chain restaurants) and that it's worth it to drive to Scottsdale or Phoenix where you can find a little variety. Some of my favorites: La Grande Orange, Galileo Bread Emporio, My Florist Cafe }

So besides our house, there's another house I've been thinking about...My sister Anna and her husband Jason built a home up in Salem, Utah. It's FOR SALE and it's beautiful! Look at it sitting there - just waiting for the perfect (lucky) person to buy it. Tell everyone you know!
{ That last picture is my favorite... I wish all my walls/rooms looked like that }


  1. Anonymous9/26/2007

    that is one badical house.

  2. i LOVE that picture of clara. and yes, that is one badical house (was that clint?) what do you want me to do this weekend to help you? give me a call.

  3. Well you are probably moving in to your new house as we speak! (or blog?) Thats so exciting! I loved moving into our house. its the best! Also my husband wants to know if you build websites??

  4. I wish I could buy that house! It looks like theres a good chance we will be moving back to Utah/salt lake come December, so if she needs somebody to take care of it before she sells it... I'll be there!

  5. I love that house it looks huge how big is it. and i to love the walls. All the houses in Utah are beautiful, I wish I could buy it and move their.

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