Monday, September 17, 2007

solana beach 07 (take 2)

California was lovely, and worth the stress caused by missing a few days of work and emails from demanding clients. It was nice to relax on the beach and to actually watch TV again (it's been a few months). It was even more fun to hang out with Anna, Kathryn, and all the little girls....though I did realize just how much work it is to be a mom! I loved getting to hold a baby almost everywhere we went and now I know why my sisters have buff arms.

I love sisters. I had such a good time just talking late at night with Anna and Kathryn. Also, my oldest sister Emily and her kids Alexis and Justin came to visit us (they live in California). The whole trip I kept thinking about how much I love spending time with my family - they have become some of my best friends.

One of the days we drove a few miles to Del Mar beach instead of Solana Beach (since it was seaweed- and bug-ridden). Del Mar is the beach I grew up going to when my family lived in Poway, CA. Anna pointed out that at some time during those summers, I was probably on the beach at the same time as Clint was with his family. Not sure if that's the case, but weird huh. Yeah, I know, we were meant for each other..

Oh also, I'm proud of myself for surviving my South Beach diet on vacation (thanks Anna, for all the healthy meals) even though the whole time I just wanted to eat a cookie.

{ Clara singing in the sky }

{ Lucy, my little buddy }

{ lovely mother Anna, lovely baby Clara }

{ Lucy & her documented taste test with seaweed }

{ Elsa, sand princess }

{ attempting to get a tan while most likely thinking about cookies }

{ SuperMom (Kathryn) with the twins }

{ This was taken last time in California... I can't believe how fast Alexis & Justin are growing up! }

{ No, we don't really look like sisters, do we }


  1. go eat an oatmeal cookie right now! j/k i am VERY impressed with your will power when it comes to food... just another way we are TOTALLY different. :) and your pictures are always so fun with great commentary. don't forget to share all of them with me.

  2. Hi Angie! The trip sure looked fun with just the girls. And your new house looks great... that is so exciting for you and clint! Oh and your diet must be working because you look great!haha:)Thats one of the things I love about living here with my healthy mother-in-law, that is, that she cooks the best food and it is all very healthy. Anyway I love your blog and I love and miss you! oh sounds like your business is doing well that is also exciting!

  3. Angela looks like you guys had fun! I am jelous, I want to get away. I acutally want to get away to AZ!!!! I am so mad that you are not coming up for Conference. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are rich, just buy a ticket :)

  4. Angela, those pictures are so cute! And you're so skinny...why the heck are you doing South Beach!! ;) jk, I know it just feels good to eat healthy. But hey, Melanie wants to start running more should become running buddies! Start by training for the Turkey Trot :) Luvya~ it was good to hear from you!

  5. looks like you had a blast! I want to go to the beach

  6. How fun! I'm so jealous you got to go to Solana again!!! And all of your pictures are amazing!! I love the four word narrative of Lucy. ha ha- cracks me up. You gotta try seaweed at least once right?

    And I'm glad you became a dog-liker. With how cute feather is, I don't know how one interacting with her could not be a dog liker. :)

    You'll have to post your favorite South Beach recipes- I'm up for meat and veggies!!

  7. Looks like fun. Whos the photographer. the ones of the little girl are so cute.