Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

I was totally looking forward to passing out candy this year to all the little trick-or-treaters, and I was so prepared with my basket full of goodies. So imagine my disappointment when only ONE child showed up on my doorstep all night, not even wearing a good costume. I sort of wanted to drive around and throw candy out the window at kids, but instead we turned on CLUE the movie and enjoyed our own treats (and the Frankenstein cup - thanks Kathryn!).

Earlier I stopped by my parent's house to see my little brother James & sister Lilly, and of course my adorable nieces.

{ Elsa the ANGEL }

{ Lucy the DEVIL? }

{ Clara as TINKERBELL }

{ James the ROCKSTAR - oh & there were groupies too! }

{ Lilly the DOCTOR }


  1. you can come throw candy at me. :) if it makes you feel any better, i only had about a dozen, and most of them were people in our ward. genny said, "you're lucky people are skipping your house because the light is so far back." sure enough, i opened the door, and kids would walk right past my house to the neighbor's. then a group of girls were talking about how they almost didn't come up to the door because it looked scary. apparently i need to make my front door more inviting!

  2. Angela...where are you?! I miss you! What cute costumes!!

  3. Hey Angela and Clint,

    Looks like you had a fun Halloween, although I was a bit disappointed not to see any pictures of Clint in a Halloween Costume. Just kidding. Good to see you guys are doing well. Hope school is going good Clint, especially your wonderful statistics class. I am only a little over halfway done with this semester and I feel like I have aged a year. Who knows how I will handle ASU's Acct. Program. Well, just wanted to say hello and see how things are going.

  4. Cutest, I love the devil and angel costumes- they're adorable. We still go to my parents on halloween so i have no idea how many people come around our neighborhood. Probably not many though. . .

  5. Of Montreal was awesome. Stu had school late so he didn't get to come. I bumbed a ride off ry and al. If you haven't seen them you should. Infact we felt so old and weird because we looked around and everyone was in high school... there were a few older folks, and some people even brought their kids. All of us were looking for people we knew and Ryan even said i wonder if Angela and Clint are here. I guess we were just use to seeing a bunch of people we knew.