Wednesday, October 10, 2007

letterpress & seesaw

I have about twelve 3" black binders from college that I just cannot get rid of. I've tried, but they are filled with process from the design program - sketches and paint chips and notes etc - and I feel like if I throw them away I might forget how hard I worked those four years. Anyway, I was going through them yesterday, trying to consolidate, and I came across the notebook from the brief stint in my Fine Printing & Bookmaking (letterpress) class.

I love everything about letterpress. Someday, I will have a studio filled with metal & wood type, ink, etc and I will spend hours making beautiful things..

On a similar note, SeeSaw is undergoing big changes. New website coming soon along with a new business approach, and eventually...a design factory. We met with my amazing father-in-law Steve ( who so graciously helped us figure out what we want to be and what we need to do to get there. Shortly after we bought this appropriate letterpress stationery set from Elum to thank him for inspiring us to turn over a new leaf.


  1. angela.. Hello. well i bet i will go past my due date.. but dont worry i will send out a text and let everyone know she is here and how much she weights. I love your new house. Its so cute.. Let s get together real soon

  2. are so neat. :) I'm excited to see your new website and it's new focus. I looked at your father-n-laws website...pretty impressive stuff! Good job on his site! I think it's cool how you guys have helped eachother out.

  3. that's awesome Angela! I wish I took letterpress...I will learn someday (when baby is older).
    I'm excited to hear about your business endeavors with seesaw...

  4. Angela how cool is it that you get to talk to clints dad about your business and where it needs to go and other people have to pay a high price for that. Family definately has it's benifits. How have you been? Hey if you and Jenny get together I want to come. Maybe we could do lunch before Jenny has her baby?

  5. Hey Ang, the babies are taking a nap so I figured I would show you my new talent! hahaha Thanks for helping me out. You are the best. Ahhh, my screen is going dark...