Thursday, October 18, 2007

mrs. hardison

11 months 8 days 1 hour & 7 minutes after getting married, and three attempts later... my name has finally & officially been changed to Angela Hardison. So all of my family (including you Clint) can stop making fun of me now for putting it off.

I stopped by the bank to change my name on their records as well and was issued a new debit card. As I was waiting for it, I got really enthusiastic about it being a perfect opportunity to 'update' my signature. I mean, I was really looking forward to the change. If you know me, you might understand why it even mattered- I just care about stupid things like that. Ha. Then the lady forced me to sign it in front of her and I got nervous or something and penned my typical signature. It all happened so fast and now I'm afraid I'm stuck with it for life.


  1. are you having melzer withdrawals yet? i still do... almost four years later. as for the debit card: just shred it, report it lost, get a new one & sign it in the privacy of your own home. :) as for the garden comment: it's about self-suffiency AND i'm totally going to get lots of food with just ONE little 4x4... and i figure every year i can add another one (can you imagine... my ENTIRE back yard covered in perfect little gridded boxes. obviously i'm avoiding getting work done and am doing it well by leaving you a post as a comment... i'll stop.

  2. i hate it when people use an open parenthesis and never close it... b/c when you're coding you get an ERROR...