Monday, October 22, 2007

...that they might have joy

Things that have recently made me happy:

-sneaking up on Clint who is supposed to be studying and finding him singing songs about me & my little black honda (before it got smashed)

-cousin's parties & SWEATER WEATHER!

-finding this amazing green 1940's chair at an antique store today (I really really love this chair, and it was only $25! Now I just need to figure out where to put it.)


  1. i want to have a blanket made out of the same material as that white shirt. ahhh, i can just feel it now.

    that green chair is rad.

    poway got evacuated too... nikki got evacuated last night so they went to her parents, only to get evacuated from there this morning. and she told me the fire crossed espola road this morning, which means it is in the neighborhoods close to where we lived. so sad!

  2. I'm totally envious of your chair. What a steal. I wish I would have taken a picture of the girls next to the homes you guys lived in while we were there visiting. Scary stuff.

  3. Anonymous10/24/2007

    Oh how I miss cousins parties!! We'll have to convince Cherryl to have one while we're in town! It sounded like fun!

  4. No seriously, that chair is hard core awesome. Fine, I only type things like that and I wouldn't say it aloud, but I love that chair. And the color of that chair. Where oh where? or is it a secret so I don't go buy all the cute stuff before you get there! We can share. (notice all the rhyming words. I should write a Dr. Seuss book.) And the fun thing about blogs is I can write this comment as though we were like really good friends, even though I've only actually talked to you once in my life. I know, wierd.

  5. good find, well done. Hope you feel better soon!