Wednesday, November 21, 2007

dogsitting feather.

This little pup is staying with me over the next few days while Raquel and Brad are in Virginia. Quite the feat, considering I swore I would never let a dog in my house... Other than peeing on the tile a few times, she has been pretty good. Who wants to come visit ?!?


  1. Yeah, I don't think guys ever get the credit because even when Jaron does plan the night, I end up changing it. It's not that they don't have good intentions it's just that they don't have as good as ideas that we do.:) I do have to give clint a little reconition though because he is one of the more creative guys.
    How cute is that dog! How is your business doing? I admire you so much for doing that.

  2. She is so cute!! I think her and Ruby would get along great!! You look very cute as well!! You're both very photogenic

  3. Hi friend! About the letter press...that is so awesome! I want to see you work that thing sometime b/c i studied the pic., and I still can't figure out how it works! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!