Saturday, November 10, 2007

happy anniversary.

I suppose if there's one time of year I'm allowed to be cheesy, it's on my anniversary. So here goes. I've learned a few things in my first year of marriage, but one of the most important things I've come to realize is how lucky I am to be married to Clint. We have an interesting, somewhat dramatic history that goes back to 10th grade. Years later when Clint proposed, he had a book (one of my handmade hardcover books) that he had written pages in of our history together. (Yes, he wrote a book about us. Who does that? I love him.)
The first paragraph of the book is as follows:

"I'm almost positive that there was never a formal introduction; never a "Clint, I'd like you to meet Angela" or "Hi Angela my name is Clint" sort of meeting. Likely, the first instance in which I heard the name that would eventually strike me deeper and more enduringly than any other went something like this: 'Angela Melzer?' 'Here.' It's even possible that it was more lke this: 'Angela Melzer?' 'Aqui.' "

"A very anticlimactic awareness of each other occurred subsequent to the roll call ritual of the tenth grade Spanish class we shared. Over the course of years this awareness grew. Sometimes steadily. Sometimes rapidly. Occasionally negatively. But ultimately our enamory one with another would grow strong enough to shape the course of our lives."

Yes, it did. This guy is downright amazing. Not only does he support me in everything but he also genuinely cares what I care about and gets involved with my interests & hobbies. He is hilarious - it's one of the things that made me want to marry him; I knew he'd make me laugh every day. He is extremely talented, especially with music and writing. He is the most thoughtful person I know. I'm really grateful for his patience and understanding. He rarely gets upset at me, and when he does it's usually my fault anyway. He is handsome and brilliant and clever and spiritual and everything I could ever ask for. Oh yeah, he is weird just like me, and I'm absolutely sure that we were meant for each other.

Happy Anniversary. I love you.

{ I love him so much I hand-crafted this pop-up took forever cutting out all those letters! }


  1. that is the coolest card I have ever seen!~ I hope you guys have a great first anniversary :)

  2. that's right: the two weirdest puzzle pieces, yet they fit together perfectly. i used to say that before clint went on his mission. i'm so happy you have each other. :)

  3. this is really cool. great idea.

  4. Anonymous11/17/2007

    Happy Anniversary Clint and Angela!