Monday, November 12, 2007

happy birthday anna.

Dear Anna,

Happy Birthday. You are a great sister and a wonderful friend. I admire you for so many reasons: your thoughtfulness, strength, accountant-ness, humor, strong opinions, natural beauty, storytelling abilities, animated expressions, faith, willingness to serve, and the love you have for others.

One of my favorite memories I have of you is when you were really really sad (about a boy) and you crawled into my bed at night to cry with me...that's an important memory to me because from that point on, we were more than just sisters - we were good friends. I'm so grateful for you.

I hope you have a birthday as lovely as you are.

Love your little sister,

{ aww weren't we cute? }

{ matching bangs! }

{ couldn't resist this classic...boob and all }


  1. Hey Angela,

    Your Dad just wanted to tell you hello! This is David Spuhler, Alyssa and Stu just baby sat our kids this weekend when we went over to LA to see Wicked and the Devils game. I have known Alyssa's Dad forever. How funny to get to your blog from our blog. Check it out, Have a wonderful day. Again, your Dad says hello. Bill and Dave..

  2. i love those old pictures. even as kiddos we looked way different. i guess i better start behaving better if you look up to me. :) thanks for making my birthday special. i love you!

  3. At first glance I totally thought that picture of you was Clara. Crazy!