Sunday, November 18, 2007

introducing...the excelsior!

What a notable weekend it's been. On Friday night, Ryan & Kathryn took us out to a fancy dinner at T. Cook's. Delicious food, great atmosphere, wonderful company - thanks again!

On Saturday I had plans of finishing up some projects around the house, but I got a phone call from Raquel that we were going to look at a letterpress for sale. Last week we visited a whole print shop for sale at $15,000, so I wasn't sure what to expect...

We were greeted by the kindest old man who had been printing since the 1950's. Our afternoon was well spent discussing the press, printing, and other random facts of life.

After quite a few hours of lifting, moving, and cleaning...we are the proud new owners of a Kelsey Excelsior 6x10 tabletop letterpress circa 1920, along with about 35 drawers of metal type (all valued at over $1,000). The best part? He gave it all to us for FREE with a promise that we wouldn't melt down the lead type. We thanked him generously and vowed that we would give it a new home and loving care.

It's always been an ambition of mine to have a letterpress, and since they are becoming more valuable and harder to find, this was literally a dream come true. I'm so excited. We will be making the greatest things in no time. {If you're nice to me, I'll send you a letterpressed card sometime}

Here's a great video that helps explain why I love this stuff:
"There is a three-dimensional quality that no other printing method can equal."


  1. wow. pretty cool. i love that I know someone from our generation that knows how to do this and loves it! hopefully your kids will take after you and then letterpress will never have to 'die' :) can't wait to see what projects you complete!

  2. i'm totally excited for you. i think it would be so much fun. maybe if i'm nice, can i use it? or better yet, let's letterpress your tax returns. HA!

  3. Angela, I'm glad we were able to go out to eat with you guys. You make me feel young again. I hope I didn't offend you when I said that I think I'm like you. I'm like you in some ways (like the liking of dumb shows and thinking you have a tumor), but you are the way more creative, ways more naturally beautiful, way more productive and fashionalbe version of me. Someday you are going to have to let me come over in my pioneer dress and watch you letter press. You think you should have been born in the 60's, I think I would have loved anything from the 1840's to the 1920's.

  4. angela, i want a card :) i want to know more about this cool letterpress. i can't believe you got one! so exciting!

  5. CONGRATS....we were just talking abt it the other day, i didnt know it would happen so soon! Awesome!

  6. Congrats on the letterpress, I could tell from the short time that we talked about it that you have a love for it. That is great. Good luck getting things up and running. We loved spending time with you while we were there even though it wasn't very long.

  7. very cool! I heard about that guy selling his whole letterpress shop in apache junction right? A couple of months ago my cousin and I went to a letterpress print shop that will be doing a couple of jobs for us. We learned all about the whole process and saw how everything is done. I cannot believe that you guys will be handeling all of that equipment yourslef! That is so awesome! I am so excited for you!

  8. Anonymous11/24/2007

    Angela I'm so excited for you to own your own letter press, and to get it for free, how awesome!!

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