Sunday, December 23, 2007

8,395 days.

As of yesterday, I'm 23. Thank you everyone for the phone calls, texts, emails, and birthday wishes. During the day we had a party at my parents for little miss Clara {whose birthday is the day before mine} and yours truly. Later, Clint and I spent some time in Phoenix & Scottsdale looking at our dream houses, went to a fancy dinner, and visited Adell & Logan.

{I made a wish; it's a secret}

{Clint & Lucy}

{Clint enjoying the rope swing - doesn't this just make you dizzy?}

{Thank you Anna, for the adorable mini cake}

{Clara enjoyed her cake as much as I did}

{Yep. Yum.}

{Elsa & Kathryn}

{Jack & Lucy}

{Yay! Birthday/early Christmas present}

{Somebody needs a tan}


Okay, now that we've celebrated my birth, we can move on to enjoying Christmas...!

p.s. Yes I love having my birthday around Christmas. No I've never felt jipped. Just more loved. Thank you family and friends.


  1. you got some cool pics angela. i want your camera! glad you had a good day and enjoyed your little cake. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Angela. Have a merry Christmas too.

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  4. Happy Birthday Angela!! I thought about you all day saturday and I kept telling myself I had to call or email to tell you happy birthday. Then this morning I remembered again and realized I forgot to do anything, i was sad.

    Turns out the calander is only as good as the people who possess it. Just Kidding :) Happy Late Birthday! We're so glad you're in the family and bring amazing talents such as the melodica in to our lives. Hope you had a great day.

    And Merry Christmas too :)

  5. Angie...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! HOpe you had a WONDERFUL b-day as well as a MERRY Christmas!!

  6. I LOVE YOU. and your beautiful nails and your face.