Tuesday, December 11, 2007

rose city.

It happened; I fell in love with Portland. It was beautiful, interesting, and my favorite - big enough to have plenty of culture but small enough to still feel quaint. We spent most of our time wandering around the city holding hands and enjoying the amazing Ace Hotel.

I must mention that I LOVED everything about the hotel: beautiful signage, wall art, bear claw tub!, photobooth, wood floors, record player, malin+goetz shampoo, vintage modern details everywhere, {I could keep going}. Just perfect for us and it made our visit really memorable. Look.

Funny story: I don't like cats, and after I saw a photo of this room on Ace's website, I somehow knew we were going to get stuck in the cat room. We did. But it actually was pretty cool painted on the wall and by the end of the trip I didn't mind waking up to a huge cat staring me in the face.

{love that wall behind me}

{the cat! & the couch}

{mister c.s. hardison reading in the lounge}

{we've become pro at photographing ourselves}

{maybe i should draw on my walls at home?}

{letterpress shop for me}

{guitar shop for him}

{"bridges are scary"}

{he wants this Eames lounge chair for Christmas...any buyers?}

{have you ever seen a more lovely cup of cocoa?}

{the legendary Burnside skate park}

{attack of the Santas...what the??}

{a stroll in the park}

{on nw 23rd ave}

{yes, we took advantage of the photobooth}

{waiting in the lobby. look at those letters!}

{my friend Tom took us to breakfast & showed us around town}

{no shaving for 4 days: bearded clint}

{ok seriously...what's going on with my hair?}

{snow on the last day: scarves come in handy}

{we heart public transportation}

{final review: Thumbs up, Portland. We love you.
Maybe someday we'll be back for good.}


  1. Looks like you two had a blast. I love all the pictures. What a fun time of year to go!

  2. angela! how are you? my blog hopping adventures landed me on your page. looks like you guys are doing great! I see you paid Portland a visit. It makes me excited for the northwest ... we are moving to Seattle in January! you two look as wonderful as ever...

  3. wow Angela, looks like you guys had lots of fun! Portland is right down your alley, isn't it? I'm sure you & Clint are one of Portlands' favorite visitors because you appreciated everything so much!
    & I love the picture that you think your hair looks?? I think you look really cute because of the sunlight maybe??
    that is all~

  4. I am glad you guys had a great time. Love the Ace!

  5. giant cats are creepy, that chocolate looks super good, you should definitely paint on your walls and did you tell everyone of those santas something different on your wish list? that way you get TONS of presents.

  6. well looks like you had so much fun, and that portland was the perfect place for you guys to visit. but lets get honest, you better stay in AZ cause i am coming back :) maybe someday logan and i can go somewhere cool for our aniversary. or maybe we can just go somewhere cool for law school and that will count. can't wait to come down and see you guys, even better i get there on your birthday, yay!

  7. Don't you dare move to Portland and take away my future grand children. PS, when are those grandchildren coming anyway? Love Dad

  8. Angela Angela Angela. Would you just stop being so cute and creative and amazing! I just don't know how much more I can handle. I am sorry if this weird- and it probably is- but I sometimes start creepin' around on blogs and have found yours to be one of my favorites.:) Hope you don't mind:)

  9. i'm a creeper too - (which makes me creepy?)- i had to tell you that i love your pics of portland - i have never been there but its a must see on my list. oh and that is so exciting about your letterpress gear.

  10. yay for Portland! Stu and I want to go there. We loved Washington and Stu said they are very similar. I love all the pictures! I heart the picture of the hot coco. Im glad you had a great time I hope we get over there sometime soon!

  11. Hey Angela!! Yes my family is so big now, I cannot believe it. I hate to see the younger ones grow older, I want them to stay young!!! Your family is getting big also, that is crazy!!! Portland looks so fun. Scott and I are going to plan a trip probably next summer, he served his mission there so I want a tour of it all..I cant wait...

  12. looks like a lot of great stuff... right up your alley! i am still so sad i didnt get to see you in az but if you guys ever want to come up to utah please come stay with us! i am serious, we would love it.

  13. How fun, what a great vacation! Portland looks beautiful. But don't be thinking long-term!!! We'd be so sad if you moved away. . .

  14. HOW FUN! I loved all of the pictures! Don't forget AZ has it's charm too....DON"T MOVE! Wait, I am so sad...where were you today? I was at the shower all day wanting to see you so bad?! Hopefully we can all get together during this Christmas break!

  15. I'm glad you loved Portland. I hope you do come back for good! If you do, look us up!

  16. Glad you had a great time there. Portland seems like a charming place, and quite photogenic. I don't know if you got my email concerning your client, but I would definitely be interested in that shoot. Let me know details when you can.