Monday, January 28, 2008

be grateful

Things worth mentioning & remembering

- Rainy days: particularly lying in bed reading with the windows propped open, and taking long drives with my favorite person.

- Fantastic neighbors/neighborhood: Some friends invited us over for a french toast breakfast on Saturday and another couple had us over for dinner that night.

- Gordon B. Hinckley passed away yesterday. He was the prophet and President of my church, and an incredible man. I will always remember and love him for his humility, his love for the youth of the church & for his dear wife, that cane!, temple building, and his open-mindedness, humor & wit.

My favorite photo of him, along with a few of my favorite things he has said:

“We need to have a little humor in our lives. We better take seriously that which should be taken seriously, but at the same time we can bring in a touch of humor now & again. If the time ever comes when we can’t smile at ourselves, it will be a very sad time.” - Hinckley

"Some of you may feel that you are not as attractive and beautiful and glamorous as you would like to be. Rise above any such feelings, cultivate the light you have within you, and it will shine through as a radiant expression that will be seen by others. You need never feel inferior. You need never feel that you were born without talents or without opportunities to give them expression. Cultivate whatever talents you have, and they will grow and refine and become an expression of your true self appreciated by others."
- Hinckley


  1. i hope you dont mind me copying your pic to add to my collection of pics on my blog....i've never seen that pic before and i love it!i just wanna remember it when i ever get around to printing up my blog!

  2. why would you ever open your windows when it's freezing outside? lol, i was going to tell you i saw that same picture on beka's blog for the first time and really liked it... now i know where she got it! :)

  3. This just made me sad.

  4. Those are awesome quotes.

    I was excited to see your from AZ also!

  5. Angela, I just have to tell you I look at your blog all the time and think you are the most creative thing in the world. Every time I see anything you've done I just remember your perfect little handwriting you've had since junior high. Amazing! You guys are darling.

  6. Well, of course, if you ever get the time, I would thoroughly enjoy those things with you!