Friday, January 25, 2008


{Photobooth pic... can you tell how I spend many of my nights? jk, only some}

Yesterday I had some really delicious Indian food from Tandoori Times in Scottsdale. Later, when Clint got back from school and I tried to give him a welcome home kiss, he was more than a little surprised by my spicy breath. HA! Now he knows how I feel when he sneaks a six-in-the-morning snack of pita+hummus and then crawls back in bed to hug and kiss me!


  1. HA HA! I have never had indian food...besides indian fry bread...but I can only imagine what your breath was like! Sick! jk! And of course I still have my "C" up....I think that I will always have it somewhere in my house...i love it!

  2. Anonymous1/26/2008

    Seriously people, it's time to make your blog private. It is very unsafe and unwise to have an "open" blog.

  3. no no don't go private. what does anonymous know anyway? :)

    i think we live semi-paralell lives... that is what my hubby does on the weekends too.

  4. what's so unsafe about an "open" blog? there is no address or contact information posted. if some villainous person really wants to find personal information about someone, a closed blog won't stop them. (and even if you did privatize your blog, there are still a million other avenues through which any half-competent nut could obtain it).

    plus, it's a crazy notion to live life fearing that someone is going to get you.

    any story i've thus far heard of someone being attacked via blog is simply anecdotal. perhaps, i am simply under informed, in which case, i would be open to further light on the subject.

    until then, angela, let the world enjoy this quaint little conduit into your life.

  5. just don't allow anonymous comments. that's the first time i've heard of clint being able to smell something. once again, i'm avoiding my favorite nighttime activity, as you can easily tell.

  6. really? great, I really have alot to ask. so, I got an idea from your blog and tried it. (hope you don't mind) so i plagarized one of your posts. :) I really want to talk sometime. I can't wait. I dont know anyone who is a graphic desinger and uses it for a living.
    Really, thanks so much.

  7. I adore Indian food. The smell makes Jeff ill. We went for a Reed family outing once, and when we arrived home, he demanded we both take showers and wash the clothes we wore immediately. He was very serious. I just laughed and said "oh jeff...."

  8. Angela you look so pretty in your "photobooth pic." I love looking at your blog, and that you update it often! Tiff

  9. Anonymous1/29/2008

    well, all i can say is... i heart curry. but i try to get them as non-spicy as possible.