Sunday, January 6, 2008

little people.

{Clara Jane - she threw those peas at me!}

I'm a sucker for anything miniature. I think just about everything is cuter when it's smaller. This probably explains why I wanted to be an architect when I grew up {so I could build small-scale models} and why I'm obsessed with the miniature rooms at the Phoenix Art Museum.

So naturally, I love little people. Until it's the right time to have one of my own {no plans in the near future}, I'm really enjoying the babies I get to hang out with all the time.


  1. come on angela, tell everyone the truth, you are pregnant. ha ha. thanks again for being a super wonderful auntie.

  2. then you would love ivy....she is itty!

  3. oh angela just wait until you have your own clint/angela BRAIN child... that will be somethin'...

    I saw the sample envelope Jessica had for her announcements... they will look so great!

  4. So you like Lucy better than Elsa?

  5. i think that post is so stinkin cute!!!
    i deleted my comment and i should have b/c i already rehashed my wrong wording with rachel over the phone. Negative ads- yes. but i think he holds a good classy Chrislike way about him during debates and in his speeches. that's too bad those ads had to come a bit later in his compaiging though huh?? he was doing so awesome for a while not taking part in that. i'm glad you showed me those ads though i had never seen them before!! only heard.
    you're such a doll!!

  6. its so true, everything miniaturized is worth obsessing over. i love that you wanted to be an architect to build models. :)

    thanks for your comments too & i'm going to add you to my browsing list (since I'm an addicted browser already)

  7. No Ryan, I do not like Lucy better than Elsa... They are both little people and will probably always be littler than me, and therefore I love them equally.