Sunday, January 13, 2008

old photographs & guitars

Yesterday we had a family reunion celebrating my grandpa Harold Passey's 100th birthday. I loved seeing all my cousins and learning about my grandpa, who died before I was born. I made a slideshow of old photos I'd never seen before, complete with music from each time period. Working on it this past week was an emotional experience for me... I can't quite explain it, but I could feel the memories associated with certain photographs and it was really inspiring.

Also I'm obsessed with some of my grandma's old dresses {for some reason my mom and cousin Cindy find this hilarious}. Below are just a few of my favorite photos:

Other good things about this weekend:

- Dinner at Postino {delicious} and a movie with CJ & Lisa
- Clint's new guitar... We went to Phoenix to buy one of his dream guitars, left the store because the guys were so rude, and then found this old beauty somewhere else instead. He was {is} really excited.

{Postino photo via flickr}


  1. is that the jazzersaucer? or is it jazzersize? cool.

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  3. clintclintclintclint1/14/2008

    no, that is not the jazzersaucer (aka fender jazzmaster). we drove to phoenix intending to get the jazzersaucer but the owner of the store that sells them was so incredibly rude that we walked out (not forgetting to hock numerous loogies on his premises).

    we drove straightway to another store and found a nicely aged stratamacastador (aka fender stratocaster).


  4. well looks like we need to watch the suns game together than. I didnt know clint was such a fan of the suns!! Yes and sports center is always on at our house.. Haha boys are too funny!! how have you been.. I miss hanging out with the girls from #3056.. is that even the number of the old apt.. i forgot. I just remember when me and joe were dating and we would scream every time he texted me.. adell would yell and "say oh my gosh" those were such fun days

  5. I love the old photos. I enjoy looking at old photos of my grandparents,great grandparents and other relatives. Especially since they are usually mustachio'd, four foot tall, sombrero wearing people. That's always amusing.

  6. What cool pictures. Doesn't it make you wish you lived back in the day? It seems like those were such cool times.
    That sucks about your roomba. I haven't had any bad experiences with it yet and it's done a pretty good job cleaning (knock on wood).
    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your city review. I now have many restaurants on my "to eat at" list :)

  7. if course i don't mind.

    i can't even begin to tell you how envious i am of your new-to-you letterpresses. those are priceless.

    i am in love with old photographs. there's a book store on mill that had a box full of vintage photographs of random people. 10 Cents each. i bought up a bunch and, since i couldn't justify keeping them because they weren't family or even anyone i coulda/woulda known, i eventually found little uses for them.