Tuesday, January 22, 2008

speeding up

First off, a huge thank you to Emily from Orange Beautiful for mentioning my blog as one of her new favorites. Also, a long overdue thanks to Rachel at Black*Eiffel for this post about the anniversary card I made in November.

Raquel was gone to Brazil for the past two weeks, which means I've been handling everything for work. While I can't complain {it's been great working at home for the most part & avoiding the long commute}, I was anxious for her return today. So much to do!

{Read about our letterpress addition here}


  1. a.) how do you get people to mention you on their blog? okay, probably just creating neat things, but still, you're awesome.
    b.) how do you know when people mention you on their blog?
    c.) why haven't other accountants made reference to me?
    d.) looking at your letterpress shop i suddenly wish i could play with that all day instead of play with numbers. i am all of a sudden totally excited about what is in store for SSD.
    e.) goodnight

  2. So happy to have found you via The Scoop. And am now so honored to have been listed with you. Your photos are gorgeous. So I think you can stay bored, and opt to not learn more about your camera. Looks to me like you have it figured out. Happy to meet you; I'll be popping by more often. :)

  3. Angie! That is SO cool! I had never been to "the scoop" until just now...and I LOVE! I am in love with her little girls nursery! congrats!

  4. the internet makes awesome people famous. kudos.

    and yeah, I was sad to be moving right when all the fresh and easy's started popping up... they looked oh so inviting. plus cheap always works better for us...

    next time I am in the land of az I will be sure to check it out.

  5. do you seriously have a letter press? oh how jealous am i. i LOVE letterpress. i want an old, vintage one someday to be a beautiful piece of furniture in my house. like some people display old pianos, i want an old letterpress!!! i'd love to see what you create with it!

    so sorry about never coming through with that e-mail. i had the best of intentions,and even started a list. but it looks like you found all the amazing-ness of Portland on your own. isn't it fabulous? i love it here!

  6. thanks for the hi and the book list. letter press!? where do you work?! i really like your blog. a new one to see! i read the graphic desinger thing, i would really like to talk to you about that sometime... would that be okay? Thanks again.