Sunday, February 24, 2008

i have friends.

{Adell, Me, Leslie}

Every once in awhile, I realize I have friends again. I mean... I know I have friends, but sometimes there's just so much of the work-home-sleep cycle that I forget Clint isn't the only great person I know and love to be with.

Adell's here for the weekend. Her brother McKay got married yesterday, and it was fun to see everyone at the reception. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the whole Carling family?

{Happy Birthday Kate}

And it was my friend Katy's birthday, so we stopped at her party for a bit where I also saw Hannah and Sabrina. I made a slightly oversized birthday card {ok it was 13x19"} that says hey kate, you're great. Because she really is.

I wish I had a photo to prove that Megan is in town from Boston and I actually got to hang out with her too. She, her little darling Avery, and Adell came to visit me at home today. Tonight we all went to my favorite Indian restaurant and had what Logan calls a "dining experience." Thank you, sweaty bellydancer, for flinging your perspiration on Jamie and Logan instead of me and my delicious food.

My heart is full, my belly is full, and I'm going to sleep well tonight {all worn out}.


  1. oh gosh just the word bellydancer makes me cringe. I miss Hannah Fay, Sabrina and Katie. I swear my mom sees them more than I do. She is always saying oh i ran into Sabrina or I saw Katie here. I did recently see Hannah so that was fun. Anyways im just rambling. If you see them soon tell them hi.

  2. imagine my disgusted laugh when i read your tahnks to the bellydaner. SICK!! fun times.

  3. Anonymous2/25/2008

    i can't even handle it.

  4. Adell is such a cute girl, Megan too, I clicked on her link!!!

  5. what is the cute belt adell is wearing with her dress? do you know where it's from? mind if I use this picture as inspiration to sew a similar one? i LOVE it!!!

  6. Adell is actually wearing a sash - not sure where it's from, it may have been sewn...

  7. haha, oh nice picture, I had no idea I was 5 months pregnant! how did that happen?...

    (yes, im joking.. but not when I say It's wonderful being your friend!)