Wednesday, February 20, 2008

taking it all in.

Okay, so maybe I'm not always in love with life. There are plenty of days, like yesterday for instance, when I let little things discourage me and I forget all that I have to be happy about. On days like that, the husband calls me a grumpy gus.

But I'm learning a great deal from those who are older and wiser, and I'm trying hard to have an open mind about - of all things - my thoughts. Because Byron Katie says, The worst thing that can happen to you is a thought.

This past Saturday was the second meeting for my mastermind group with Steve Chandler. I love it {even though sometimes I get picked on for being the youngest person there}. Steve is hilarious, entertaining, and full of all the best advice. This mastermind group is basically 20 people that meet once a month. In the words of coach Steve himself, "we're concentrated on how our lives can really be lived. Like life, fully expressing ourselves, expressing our love, creating prosperity - all the aspects of an exciting life. Are 20 minds better than one? Yes, when they are linked together..."

Go ahead and think I'm one of those loopy self-help weirdos. I won't blame you. But honestly what I'm learning is already starting to shift the way I think, and I know it will better me, my relationships, my business - my life.

{Now that I've told everyone, I'm gonna have to work even harder to make it happen.}


  1. way to go, angela! curt IS all about positive thinking, the law of attraction and all that good stuff. Curt is always reading and looking for new books to help him better his mind and get what he wants out of life. He's a really good influence on me. :) too bad, i haven't started reading the books with him! i do believe too though, that our thoughts attract the things we DO want, and eventually we have them. i know it's important to always be positive, but it's okay to have a "grumpy gus" day every now and then.:) your group sounds interesting, keep posting about it!

  2. you just made me feel even worse about feeling bad about my life ;)

    i like my life too. and just "a thought" can be the changing point from a happy life to a not-so-happy life. how we perceive ourself and our surroundings makes all the difference.

    great post.

    i want to be in a mastermind group...but simply for the title and bragging rights.

  3. It's like posting on a blog that you're going on a diet, so that the next four weeks, people will bug you by commenting online with things like, "hey, fatty!" and "what did you eat today?". Am I right or am I right?

  4. haha've obviously dealt with your own feelings considering the situation longer than i have.
    i appreciate the support, nevertheless. thank you for your ever-inspiring blogs.

  5. and i'm in love with you!

    okay, maybe i just love you :)