Saturday, March 15, 2008

"are you having a great time tonight!" (you had to be there)

It's been a great week - but how could you expect anything different with such good company and fantastic weather? We started our journey by driving to California and staying with my oldest sister Emily. I'm sad I didn't take any pictures, but I did get to spend some time visiting with her and my niece Alexis & nephew Justin. I can't believe how grown-up and adorable those kids are {not to mention how cute it was to see them wearing skinny jeans}. The next morning, we left for LA and spent most the day shopping until it was time to board the cruise ship.

{Clint is a skater; it was true in high school and it's still true now}

{the "stinkeye" - if you haven't seen Juno, you're missing out}

This was the first cruise for both of us. Though I really did have a nice time, I can't say I'd do it again {well, unless I was going somewhere a little more exotic}. The over-the-top, gaudy decor that permeated the entire ship gave me a headache and the mass amounts of people everywhere didn't go well with my claustrophobia. The food was yummy but I ate too much, and most of the entertainment included alcohol or gambling {both from which I refrain}. With that said, there were several things I enjoyed - karaoke, towel animals, being surrounded by water, ice cream machines, nice people, room service. Plus we had so much fun with Lisa & CJ - which made it more than worthwhile.

The first stop was Catalina Island. I had been here years ago {and to Ensenada too} but it was nice to do more exploring. We rented a golf cart and drove up the island - saw some beautiful views and neat houses. By the way, Clint owns more than one t-shirt; he just so happens to wear this grey one every possible day that he can... I don't understand.

{Thanks to CJ, we were more than entertained at any given moment}

The next day we stopped in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. We took a long, scenic bus ride up to La Bufadora {the blowhole} and then explored downtown. Every time I'm in Mexico I decide I want to live there. I know that sounds strange but I just LOVE the colors everywhere. Arizona is so brown and boring. Almost every house and store share the same color palette {tan, beige, brown, khaki, cream and every other variation of the same.color.everywhere.} I'm sick of it. If I didn't have an HOA, I might be painting my house turquoise and red.

{HA! I'm not sure how this photo happened; the combination of my outfit and that background is hilarious, no? Hello 80's!}

The next day was a "fun day at sea" and we all ended up a little seasick because it was stormy. We planned to spend time by the pool but it was freezing outside, and instead watched movies and slept most the day.

Another lovely vacation. I especially enjoyed being away from my computer all week. I'm still dizzy and it feels like my house is floating on the ocean...


  1. now that was an unusually long post for you, but i loved it!! i've missed you and i'm glad you're home. i'm babysitting for r&k. i'll see you tomorrow at mom's. remember, it's ryan's b-day and we're eating at four. love you!!

  2. "i want to thank pantene for my shampoo."

    -chen, karaoke master of the carnival paradise fun ship, 2008

  3. Man I need a vacation. I've never been on a cruise and it's one of the great tragedies of my life.

    I know what you mean about everything being so colorless here. When we went to Costa Rica last year we seriously looked into buying some property and moving down. It was so green! And people had fuschia/turquoise/yellow houses! Plus there was surfing. We're still kind of considering it.

    CJ's toe touch is really impressive.

  4. Anonymous3/16/2008

    your vacation looks divine!! wishing i had some salt water, sunshine, and ocean breeze blowing my hair...

  5. FUN!!


    thank you so much!

  6. oh my gosh!!!! that look's like you had a blast!!! Both you and lisa are so stylish. Love Love the pics. that's right 2x's the love!!!

  7. okay, glad you guys had fun but so JEALOUS that we were not with you. next cruise, we will be there too and it will be more exotic!!! ps i am also jealous that you guys were able to rent a golf cart on catalina because we were not 25 and they would not let us. did you know that logan graduates next month? and that you are coming to visit next month?! i am so excited :)

  8. I can only imagine the laughs to be had between you four... oh my.

    and I have to concur... the stylishness is out of hand.

  9. what a great trip it looks like! How fun, i have yet to experience a cruise! Great pics too. Your posts are always enjoyable and fun to read!

  10. Looks like fun Angela! We went on that cruise when I was younger with my family. I would have to say that Ensanada is not the prettiest but we had fun at Catalina. You guys look so cute!

  11. can I have a cool t-shirt for my next birthday? Just kidding, (well kind-of) but I'm glad you guys made it back safe and sound.

  12. oh fun!! I bet the 4 of you had a fiesta!! Isn't the ice cream on curise ships the best!!!! Rob and I ate ice cream all day long on our cruise to Alaska...I swear I gained 5 lbs. from all of the food consumption!

  13. Ok Angela, You and Clint are so cute seem like you have such a fun relationship, What a fun trip..

  14. I was just realizing this morning that I totally forgot to ask about your trip when I saw you last night! Rude, I know... But I'm glad you posted so I can be jealous and see all the fun you had!

  15. thakns for the comment! that was really sweet!