Saturday, March 29, 2008

christian & tessa.

We spent the evening last night with our old friends Christian & Tessa. Enjoyed a tasty Mediterranean dinner, and then the boys played music while Tessa and I had a great conversation about our life aspirations. {Really, that's what we talked about.}

I was telling Tessa that sometimes it hits me that I'm totally living the life I imagined for myself. Of course some things are different than I would have expected, and obviously I still have my bad days. But I basically have my dream job, I have a letterpress studio for heaven's sake! {something I wanted so badly}, I'm married to someone who is a perfect match for me... I'm who I want to be. My life just feels like it's on the right track - more so than it ever has before. I feel very very blessed.

On a less cheesy note, Christian is a musical genius. He can pick up any instrument and learn to play it within minutes... it's actually pretty unbelievable. You should hear the rockin' guitar solos he made up on the spot and played for some of Clint's songs last night.


  1. i'm in agreement—life is good. it will be even better when i'm done with school.

    by the way, i appreciate the frequent inclusion of guitar photographs on your blog. it's obvious that my influence upon you is fully operational (just like the deathstar).

  2. ah. your lucky you feel so content. i can only wish. i know what i want to do. its just hard to get there.

    i was going to say we should hang out sometime. but i think you guys are too cool for us.

  3. That is crazy! I Live walking distance to that Fresh and Easy. I can't believe we have never ran into eachother before.

  4. I love the pictues of clint on the guitar and you. How did you do that .

  5. i think its amazing how these boys can just pick up a guitar/ whatever instrument and make it sound so amazing! maybe we could learn an instrument and join in. i'm trying to learn piano right now.... not goin so well! haha. lets get together again soon!