Wednesday, March 19, 2008

loved despite of great faults.

Trying to embrace the short-lived Arizona springtime. Worried that it's disappearing too quickly, because today after work I got in my car and almost burned my hand on the seatbelt. When will I accept the fact that I live in a place where summertime means first-degree burns from touching the car steering wheel?

Spring cleaning is on my mind, but I haven't found time to accomplish much yet. My entire house is in need of being scrubbed and organized, I still have a bunch of things to hang up on the walls, and my closet... I need to eliminate about half of what's going on in there.

I have made some progress on our bedroom though. I think I've sold our old dresser, which has been replaced with new {actually, old - as in 1960's old} bedroom furniture. Have I ever mentioned how much I love {am possibly addicted to} Craigslist? And today I bought more canvas to paint for the walls.

I love getting things done - sometimes I'm just a little slow.


Miranda July is rad.

Lovely Easter egg dyeing ideas: rubber-band patterns from Real Simple and lace patterns from Martha.

I love people.


  1. you'll have to post pics of your craigslist finds AND your house once everything is hanging up, im sure it will look fabulous! you are so creative, i love it!

  2. It looks like you had a blast on your trip and I too hate when spring is over and summer is here.

  3. oh yes i also love Miranda July!

  4. blonde redhead is one of my favorites.

    and i love spring cleaning. (i just love throwing things away. i'm totally wasteful.)

  5. I am constantly 'editing' my rooms & closet. I think its nice to keep things minimal but save the treasures.

    p.s. I like that corner of your home.

  6. Amen to craigslist, I am in the process of finding a victorian style old dresser to redo for my bedroom.. today I found 2 but both I was litteraly 10 min too late.. but yes craigslist is the best..

  7. okay, i have been SO motivated to do taxes this week. i have done lots of them. the only problem is jason has been taking my computer to school and i have to have it to do SSD's... but no worries little one, we still have over three weeks. ha ha. :)

  8. Anonymous3/24/2008

    lalalove that corner of your house. I love anything white next to natural media. great eye. are the white vases a thrift find? they're perfect!