Monday, April 28, 2008

ranunculus' are my favorite.

At the risk of sounding quite selfish, I'd like to say that I haven't had much me time* lately. I'm not talking about alone time - trust me, I have plenty of that {unfortunately} what with Clint gone at school all week. I'm talking about time to relax, sit & watch TV, go to yoga, read a book, hang a painting, drive around & take photos of strange things; you know, time to recharge after a long workday.

It's all my fault too. I have this habit of taking on every project I'm approached with. Probably because I like to help people & I recognize that people help me constantly so I want to give back. And since I enjoy what I do, why not? Except then before I know it my to-do list keeps growing and I'm in over my head. And when I come home from work it feels like I'm in college all over again - faced with a mountain of projects, a mess of an office, and that gosh-I-really-gotta-get-that-done feeling always in the back of my mind {hello, sleep-deprived grumpy Angela}.

Note to self: Yes, it's your own fault for choosing a profession that is the same as your hobby, and you should feel lucky that you get to do what you love all the time. I know. I do. And I promise, I love doing things for friends and family. So please don't stop asking...but do understand if I can't always say yes. I need some time to stop and smell the flowers, if you will.

*Hey, I'm not a mom yet, I'm still allowed to have me time. Right?


  1. oh how i miss "me time"! Hey, come visit us in Chicago and we will give you some me time and Champs dessert!! :)

  2. Or you could come visit me in Canada--I've got nothing BUT me time. In fact, just today I went jogging, hung pictures in our guest bedroom, and drove around town taking photos of Mayberry. You could, too. Canada's nice like that.

    (I lied about the jogging part.)

  3. a.) i still have "me time" so motherhood doesn't eliminate the need for that.
    b.) this must run in our family... i'll probably be up all night so if you are too, know you're in good company
    c.) yes, accounting is my hobby too. :) but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy the results of your hobby too!

  4. I've been the same way lately! I took on too many jobs that made me push aside things like: cleaning house, working out, and spending quality time with the hubs. I'm glad to say I'm done with all the projects and I'm hoping to get some good me time in this week! Good luck to you!

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  6. first of all, really good to meet you on saturday on main. internet meets real life is kind of fantastic.

    second of all, that last post on your craigslist find was amazing! isn't it amazing what people are willing to part with?

    third of all, a big amen to this post. i was just thinking earlier tonight that i feel like i'm running on empty. i've been trying to take it easy(ier) but something is still off. that's a fantastic link on smellin roses that i'm going to have to utilize.

    fourth of all (yes i'm really continuing), ranunculus are my favorite flower as of late too. i especially like the variety that have the crazy, bendy stems. so lovely.

  7. that's so weird. ranunculus are my wife's favorite too. small world.