Thursday, April 10, 2008

this is what our bedtime looks like.

1. Angela's headband that she uses to pull back her hair before washing her face; Clint calls this the Aunt Jemima look

2. Clint making funny faces in the mirror; Angela deciding to photograph it {to which he agrees, surprisingly}

3. In his most recent {and oft-occurring} favorite game, paparazzi, Clint steals the camera from Angela and rapidly photographs every movement as she tries to escape


I love that no matter how old we get, he'll probably always be a little kid at heart. {Much like his wonderful father, who I've been especially grateful for lately}.


  1. no 'probably' about it. the only further maturation i plan on undergoing is developing the ability to grow hair on my face.

  2. welcome to my world. landon recently figured that game out.

  3. that so cute! I love your posts!!

  4. I am so sorry I missed you. I forgot it was conference weekend I had a ton of family in town the weekend you were up here. I didn't get your message til the next day. But you looked busy too and like you had a lot of fun. Please forgive me! I really enjoy the different angle you (have on life) and how you portray it through your blog, really its cool.

  5. the subtleties of marriage are beautiful aren't they? mine & kelly's bedtime rituals have evolved to more of an 80 year old couple's bedtime routine...but they ARE wise aren't they? (old people) Ü
    love your blog by the way!