Wednesday, April 23, 2008

we're flipping out.

I made these fun {read: non-traditional} graduation announcements for Logan. Yep, he's doing a flip in those photos. Because he's awesome like that.

Now we're the ones who are flipping out because of some great news Adell gave us today: Logan got into law school at ASU! And obviously ASU stands for Arizona State University. And obviously that means my best friend is moving back.

Congratulations Logan. We're excited for you {Ok, and for all of us here. I'd been selfishly crossing my fingers for this}.


  1. jason's announcements better look that cool, or else... i'm excited for you. i have to drive six hours every time i want to see one of my best friends. so maybe i'll move here, it's lovely.

  2. what!? no way! I have to call her...that's exciting. Although I know they would've loved the glam life of Malibu and the beach a little better! I'm glad it's ASU!!

  3. wow. i love those announcements.. way better than the jostens kind. way to be creative.

  4. these announcements are so cool, and i just got Lance and Kim's announcement, so i had to let you know how much i love them!! awesome job! tiff