Friday, April 25, 2008

why i love craigslist: part 1.

1960's teak wood table + 8 chairs: $100.

{And, I sold my black table & chairs for the full asking price within 2 days of posting}


  1. the dining room is no longer a sad place to eat cereal.

  2. wow! those really are amazing and in perfect condition. and all of that for only $100? life doesn't get much better.

  3. that table is fabulous.

    i've never bought(en?) anything off craigslist before, but we did sell our car in 2 hours on it. so, i'm a fan.

    and thank you for my first real-life-blogging-buddy-meeting yesterday. (it wasn't near as awkward as i would of imagined it to be.)

    you really should put a disclaimer on your side bar that you're actually taller in real life than you may appear. a lot taller. but you are just as gorgeous in person as you are in your photos. (and i mean that in the most non-creepy way ever.)

    maybe we'll run into each other again someday.

  4. Anonymous4/27/2008

    i agree entirely—you are just as gorgeous in person as you are in your photos. (and i mean that in the creepiest way possible).

  5. Angela, my dear sweet wonderful friend! oh how it saddens me that I missed my opp to see you, it seems that i saw you more when i lived far far away. but now you have to come see me in california! please!!! anyways your new table and chairs are fabulous, i think that you might need to come and decorate for me!

  6. ah i am jealous! how did i miss that one? i have been looking for a table forever on craigs list.

    i miss one day of looking and this is what happens.

  7. there's nothing like the knowledge that not only did you get a great buy, but you got something nobody else could possibly own!

    hurray for places like the goodwill and di. if it weren't for them, then I'd have no furniture!

  8. you are right! i love that table! its totally your style and i like it better than the black one. it fits the area better! way to go angela!

  9. Great Buy!! I've yet to find anything (in my area) as swoon-worthy!