Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ah! I know I always say this, but the past week I've been so busy. Luckily this time it was filled with both work and play. Friday afternoon at work we were finally able to schedule some time away from client projects to start letterpressing again. Pretty soon we should have some more designs printed and we'll start selling cards. I know you're all anxiously waiting, right?? A few more images are posted on the seesaw blog.


My little sister Lilly came and stayed with us this weekend so my parents could leave and celebrate their anniversary. Ryan & Kathryn, Anna & the girls joined us at ChuckECheese - where a kid can be a kid. I would have more pictures but we were too busy dancing, playing skeeball, and winning large amounts of tickets {thanks to Ryan (look at his eyes in that picture)}. Clint and I also took Lilly bowling {where I was too busy WINNING}. Lilly is growing out that long blonde hair to donate it to LocksofLove. That's a perfect example of what a sweetheart she is. I'm glad I was able to spend the weekend with her.

And now I'm hoping that this week will be a bit less hectic...
If you're in the mood to laugh, you should read Clint's latest post: wealth.


  1. As a kid, I never got to be a kid at chuck-e-cheeses. I'm glad you did, even in your adult state.

  2. Angela,

    I didn't know Clint still enjoyed skating now and then. You should email his number to me and I can call him and Blake to come skate sometime. I don't go that often and it will be really hot soon, but it would still be fun to go. Logan and I go every time he comes down too. It's customary.

  3. 1) I love lily, will you pass on to her a big hug and squeeze the air out of her? I want to come visit your family for a traditional Sunday dinner once more in my lifetime :)

    2) When I get DDR for the WII, I hope you will play it with me now that I have seen you on an official DDR (or maybe just a look-a-like) dance board!

    School is out as of tomorrow. And I am taking the GMAT on the 2nd to apply for grad school. I will be home on the 5th. And...thats it! Then we can play with your letterpress :)

  4. imagine me chanting:

    table post! table post! table post!

    and i mean it.

  5. Your are so creative Angela! That Design class we took sure did have much more of an impact on you than me! haha. I love you new table!