Monday, April 7, 2008


We went up to Utah for the weekend. Clint had a mission reunion {Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!} and it was a perfect excuse to visit friends and family.

See the very top of that building? The very very top, above the clock. Thanks to Orion - Logan's dad who works in this SLC building - and some convincing of the guard on duty, we were given a grand tour. All the way to the very top.

Climbing up creaky, 120-year-old stairs...

The wind was blowing very hard and since when am I afraid of heights?

It was much scarier than it looks, I promise. Check me out hugging the pole for fear the wind would blow me over the edge.

I made it. But not without injuries. You should see what happened to my poor knee.


Provo is going to be way less cool when Adell & Logan leave in a few weeks. They were kind enough to let us stay with them and drive us around. We watched conference, ate way too much sugar, went skateboarding/shopping, spent time with Adell's super cool in-laws, played Dutch Blitz! late at night, and laughed a lot.

Of course, Adell provided additional entertainment by pulling moves like this flip-landing...

...and by discovering the secret "railroad road" while exploring downtown Salt Lake.

Then apparently Clint got hit by lightning.

And Bonny came to visit.


We spent most of Sunday with my older sister Rachel and her family. I sometimes forget how much I miss my family who lives away from me, until I get to spend a few hours with them.

When we showed up, there were handmade cards waiting for us. One of them said, "Dear Clint - how's Angela going? Is she bossing you around? Or is she letting you chill?"

Lucas - you should see this cutie run around with his short little legs.

Emma - little girl, huge personality & a darling voice.

Micah - he's the one who wrote the letter I mentioned above.

Casey Anne - so grown up and lovely.

One of the best things about my trip? Seeing my little brother Steven! I was so happy he came and hung out with us for the day. Goodness how I love and miss that kid.

We went for a drive up the canyon. My sister Rachel is cooler than you.

Clint Steven & Steven Paul, shortly before starting a rock-skipping contest.

Steven won the contest with his extremely impressive rock-skipping abilities. {I think I counted 16 times once}.


Summary: I don't hate Utah anymore, conference was great, I loved this talk even though I'm not yet a mother, vacations go by way too fast, and there is nothing better in life than great friends and a big incredible family.


  1. my heart jumps when i look at those pictures of you on that tower and i find myself feeling breathless.

    lucas has the sweetest little face ever, i miss emma, that note from micah is AWESOME and casey anne looks just like rachel.

    that lake is beautiful and i'm not surprised stev-o was the winner. he is one cute little brother.

    i just sent you ssd's taxes - rough draft. talk to you tomorrow.

  2. Growing up in Utah, I'm probably just bias...but this was a wonderful post =]
    That last picture of the lake's reflection is completely breathtaking.

  3. i love utah. that is so cool you went to the top of the c&c building. that view would be amazing.

  4. I LOVE your photgraphy. Oh, I wish I had an eye for that kind of stuff. You're amazing. Glad to hear you liked Utah! We always miss it a lot more on conference weekend. I love that pic of Adell... of course her toes are pointed on her flip landing :-) Made me smile. And Clint his by lightning, another favorite. Glad to see you're doing well.

  5. Your pictures of road trips and various vacations make me inspired to do better on my own. I can tell you put thought into them, and they look GREAT! I'm sad I don't have photos like that for all the trips I've taken in my life.

  6. I totally agree with the" i dont hate utah any more" I went up there to take rustin to the mtc last year, and was able to spend a week with freinds, site seeing, and just loads of fun. I was a "utah hater" but i love it, and i love the people there.

  7. Oh Angela, I'm so thrilled you don't hate Utah anymore :) It really is neat here, promise. Sooooo, that talk...i loved it too as well as many others! President Monson's last talk, loved it.

  8. cute pictures! angela-you look awesome in every one!

  9. okay so that picture of me is not attractive oh well, thats the way i look :) hehe. you on the other had look beautiful in all the pictures, as always. it was so fun having you up here except that it was too short of a time. glad your home safe. hopefully i will see you guys soon.

  10. Anonymous4/09/2008

    What a fun trip! Looks like you got to do a lot in a short amount of time. When one of the pictures with you and Clint came up, Payton said your names! I didn't know he knew your names and could recognize and say them!

  11. fun trip! i love utah and big families too.

  12. Ok, Casey Anne looks like you! Your nieces and nephews are pretty dang cute. I love the picture of Clint getting struck by lightening. It looks like you guys had a blast.

  13. I'm impressed you went up those stairs. I have a phobia of heights and I don't think I would've even made it up there, much less been able to hug a post and feel safe!

    By the way, I still hate Utah.

  14. Angela! Hello! It has been so long! It looks like you and Clint are having such a fun time!

    I just wanted to say hi, your blog is super cute! I'm just getting started with mine, but it can be a lot of fun - I especially like to use it as a distraction from school work!

    Hope all is well!