Monday, May 5, 2008

the curious incident of the cactus in the front yard.

C: " you have any idea why there's a huge cactus in our yard?"
A: "Huh? Like...the HOA planted a cactus in our yard? Or what?"
C: "No, like a giant fake green cactus. In front of our house."
A: "No clue...wait, are you lying?* You're lying aren't you?"
C: "No. I promise. Just wait till you get home and see for yourself."
A: "I don't believe you."

And then I got home... (He swears he has no idea where it came from). So whoever you are: congratulations, that was hilarious.

The cactus is currently being held hostage in our yard, until we think of someone who deserves a nice green surprise sitting on their doorstep.

*He's been known to trick me - all the time.


  1. oh this is a game i could see going on for years.... funny

    ooo i love your new header

  2. Only in Arizona. i swear.

  3. um, you could drop it by my place. it would remind me of home. WA is strangely devoid of cacti. it would just be a hop, skip, and a jump up a few states is all, right??

  4. Oh my gosh, that's a riot.

  5. it's obvious who left the cactus on our doorstep--his parents. they were young and scared. they didn't know what else to do. as with both harry potter and moses, the orphan cactus has been trusted to a pair of surrogate parents. we are them. let us magnify this calling.

  6. WHAT!!! That is so funny. Any clue who did it?