Tuesday, May 20, 2008



me + blake

Saturday night was the last day that Hunt's Hideaway was open. This was a semi-big deal for me. I worked at Hunt's for about 4.5 years {which, if you're wondering, is almost 20% of my life}. For most of my time there, I was a waitress.

I loved being a waitress. The majority of our customers were elderly {senior citizens? old fogeys? whatever you prefer} which made for some great stories. There were the really sweet people - like Enid, who would give me a huge toothless grin every time I walked by. There were a few mean ones who made my ultra-sensitive teenage self break down in tears. There were some funny ones. And then there were one or two perverted ones - like the guy that asked me to sit on his lap or the one who asked if he could guess the size of my chest. Despite the occasional crazies, I loved the customers... and we all loved the food {I especially loved the chicken philly}.

Even better than the food and the customers and the wads of cash I'd get in tips were the people I worked for and with. The Nikolaus family, who owned it & ran the place, became my really good friends. Over the years, I learned a lot from them about caring, serving, giving & loving. I also met a lot of wonderful people who worked there with me. I can easily say that working at Hunt's changed my life and I was really sad to see it go.

Good news: I'm in the process of helping Judy make a cookbook of all the Hunt family recipes - so atleast I'll never have to spend a Thanksgiving without the amazing Nutty Crumby Pie.


  1. you are awesome!
    thanks for the post! wasn't sat night at hunt's hideaway the best way to say farewell to your first job? Ü (even with all of the mentioned "old-farts" that patronized the place!)
    i'm glad you guys were there with all of us and that you, clint, kelly, & i could share in one last bite of the chicken philly sandwich together!

    good-bye Hunt's Hideaway!

  2. I'd never even heard of it--must've been a mountain view thing...? At any rate, now I feel I've missed out on something terrible, and I will never be able to fill the void, on account of Hunt's Hideaway being closed forever.


  3. Oh sadness! i will always remember you taking me there, and how cool it was that you had a job! i miss you, and am deeply sadend by the fact that years go by everytime i see you! come to cali and see me!

  4. so angela like everyone of my cousins have a link to your blog.

    how do you know us all?