Wednesday, May 14, 2008

tuff ghost, tuff crowd, tuff love.

Arizona is so weird.

i spy... a buffalo? with wings? buffalo wings? what the???

bisbee {i love saying that name}

by day + by night

someone likes the color red... and has way too much time on their hands

someone likes their husband

drive-by shots

Yesterday I joined Clint for an impromptu trip down to Douglas, Arizona -near the Mexico border- because he had to travel there for work. I brought my laptop & worked on the road while enjoying the company of my favorite person {the perks of being self-employed!}.

We went through Tucson, Benson, Tombstone and Bisbee to get there. It was a bit like a flashback to our trip to Jerome a few months ago. I love exploring all these strange ghost/mining towns here in AZ. We didn't have much time in each place and I'm thinking I'd like to go back for a weekend. That's how weird and creepily awesome it all is.


  1. That red house is crazy!

  2. welcome to my neck of the woods.

    (i love saying 'neck of the woods')

  3. love the red wall.

    i wish i had too much time on my hands.

  4. Arizona IS so weird! I can't wait to come back (two days, only!) and revel in the weirdness of it all. Thanks for making me homesick enough to bump up my trip a few days.

  5. love the pics.

    love road trips.

    love az.