Friday, June 20, 2008


a onesie for the babies, of course

Clint and I were in charge of the Blake Family reunion t-shirts this year. We thought it would be fun to play off the idea of the caravan to California (everyone drives up together, stops at every rest stop... really, it seems almost at the speed of a bicycle rather than a car). Unfortunately we won't be driving up at the same time as everyone, but I hope I still get to see 50+ people sporting the shirt I made.

It's been a long week. I'm so looking forward to spending a few days at the beach...


UPDATE: All of my family reunion t-shirt designs are now available to purchase here.


  1. I love the shirts!!! I have so many reunion shirts from my family's past reunions and I still wear them!! I am sure your creations will be sported for years to come! :)

  2. stop phasing me.

    i want one. seriously. and i'll even show up to one of the california rest stops wearing one.

  3. Those shirts are awesome. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Jason's family reunion shirts. Ha ha. :)

  4. gasp. they are beautiful.

    alas... I have never had a family reunion tee...

    does it make you feel sorry enough for me to give me one of yours...?

  5. I love the shirts. If I only had you around to work with me during my t-shirt making days...
    If I ever embark on the clothing company idea again, we'll have to talk.

  6. I love them! you are so talented! Hey...I'm looking for a really cute/funky, black and cahki wall hanging for our place....a big one. where should I look? maybe something abstract, with big patterns on it..not sure what I'm looking for but I know I'll know when I see it!! Any suggestions?

  7. They look great, too! I wish I was in the caravan!

  8. haha, i like those! ahhh, gotta love caravaning

  9. Those are the best reunion tees I've ever seen.