Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day.

my parents: the dating years, June 1971

My dad is awesome.

He is kind, generous, loving, hard-working, and he's always made me feel really special. Plus, I doubt there is anyone in the world who could challenge his Trivial Pursuit skills {he is brilliant and he knows everything there ever was to know}. I'm a lot like my dad in the following ways: we both love getting back rubs (& popping all our joints), we live by the adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure (ha), and we both constantly get teased for being smart but lacking common sense (hey, I'll take book smart over street smart anyday).

Dad, since I know you read my blog now: I LOVE YOU. Thanks for everything.


And of course I can't go without mentioning my wonderful father-in-law. I constantly feel grateful for his presence and influence in my life. He is so sweet, fun, and very generous - most of his time is spent serving others. In short: he's amazing, and I'm pretty lucky to have married someone who is so very much like him.


  1. I am continually jealous of the awesome old pictures you have of mom and dad. Dad is so cool. Oh, and if you would've got dad's brains and mom's common sense, you would've been me. :)

  2. That picture is great! I can't believe your mom... she looks totally different!

  3. i wonder who my father-in-law will be? maybe it will be dumbledore.

  4. I've tagged you for a little game called meme.
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