Thursday, July 10, 2008

baby you can drive my car.

Let me tell you, it's humorous to see a 6'4" man climb into and drive a MINI Cooper. It's even funnier when that man is your husband and the MINI Cooper's license plate reads "1GR8GMA".

Clint's trusty Honda Accord failed us last week. We decided to get it fixed and let it last another couple years, because there are just too many high school memories associated with it. Or maybe it was because $3,000 is less than $25,000. Either way, his car is in the shop, and a man's gotta drive. So Grandma Blake (she really is GR8, in case you were wondering) let us borrow her MINI Cooper.

I love it because - well, because it's mini and we all know miniature things are adorable. And like I said, it's funny to see my tall husband in it* - and heaven knows I need a good laugh every once in a while.

*ok, so a SmartCar would be even better.


  1. Holy cow, is he really 6'4"? I don't think I ever realized he was that tall.

    I always think it's funny how my 6'2" dad has to fold up to fit in my Civic, but this is way better.

  2. I've always wanted one of those cars. And I've always wanted to see a tall person get into one. Will he take me on a ride?

  3. That is hilarious - love the license plate.

  4. I am so glad that those pictures and in black and white. Because the wussiness of the car is compounded by the fact that it is purple.

  5. seriously...why do we love "mini things"?
    that's great that clint was secure enough to drive a purple mini that said gr8gma!
    way to go clint!! only you & kelly would be cool enough for that!

  6. love it! love mini coopers. i checked out your etsy shop. so adorable. i LOVE the umbrella print- great job.

  7. that is so funny- landon is 6'4 too and i cant even imagine him trying to get into one of those- he has a hard enough time getting into my car- and she must be the cutest grandma ever to have a mini cooper, that is so cute!