Monday, July 7, 2008

look at what the light did now.

My mom and two of my sisters have gardens growing in their backyard successfully (Um, I have a crazy mushroom sprouting through the cracked dirt in mine, does that count?). My dad can keep his lawn lush and green for 50 weeks out of the year (thank goodness I've got an HOA to keep my grass perfect). Clearly, I have not yet learned to take advantage of my green thumb (I'm not willing to admit I don't have one) because I'm over here struggling to keep my few little house plants alive.

Okay, so only the trooper on the left is still really alive (we're going on 8 months with this one - a record!). The money tree died within two weeks (is that a bad sign?). And the one on the bottom right used to be really green and cute, until this weekend when I noticed it was wilting. I put it on the porch and it shriveled within an hour (thank you Arizona sun).

As a result of my failed endeavors, I've found myself wondering the following:

1. Should I resort to fake plants? (I don't think I can bring myself to do this)

2. How am I ever going to take care of a child if I can't keep a plant alive? (note to self: do not leave one unattended in the sun for an hour)

3. Is there something deadly in our air? (hmm, this could explain why Clint is really sick today)

4. If this sun can kill a plant in an hour, what is it doing to my skin? (don't answer that)

5. What's the secret to keeping plants alive? Anyone? (this is the real question)


  1. Your first sentence s/b: "My mom and one of my sisters have gardens and my other sister HAD a garden..." :) I kept forgetting to water my poor garden and it kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. If you forget to water more than a few days, you might as well give up. So I did. But come Winter, I'll have an awesome garden again. :)

    1. Fake plants are ugly
    2. Children are way easier than plants, trust me.
    3. You probably have mold in your house
    4. Sun is good, in moderation
    5. Talk to them

  2. that just might be the most awesomest looking blog postimus i've ever seen.

    straight coolsville.

  3. first of all, money plants are the most finicky plants. don't worry about losing that one. if you want a reliable, easy-to-care-for plant, go for the snake plant. they absorb toxins in the air and if it's not in direct sunlight, you can water it like every other week.

    so your questions:
    1. no - you can't resort to those until you're at least 50.
    2. kids whine. a lot. about silly things like food and h2o. plants don't offer you the same convenience/annoyance.
    3. you never know. get a snake plant (see above.)
    4. i know. it's scary.
    5. talk to them. it makes you feel a little crazy, but a little crazy is always good for the soul.

  4. Wes is now 6 months old, which is WAY longer than I've ever kept a plant alive (my family does not grow things). I wish I had a lovely backyard garden with a little patch of lawn to play on, but..I don't. And I don't know how to get one. And I wouldn't know how to take care of it. So once you unlock your green thumb you should come over and teach me!

  5. You might want to try your hand at succulents, similar to cactus (cacti?) they retain water. Just the kind of maintenance you are looking for, and they like the sun too.

  6. When you find out let me know. I keep telling Kenny that I want a garden in our next house. Our soil here is so hard we can only grow weeds.

  7. I have a black thumb, and Adalyn's still alive, so take heart.

  8. I've found that watering the plants helps them to live longer.

  9. i have no words of wisdom for you. i am obsessed with plants, but they don't last over a week. i don't know what I'm doing. maybe we are missing something? but whatever you do, don't resort to fake plants.

  10. i have no words of wisdom for you. i am obsessed with plants, but they don't last over a week. i don't know what I'm doing. maybe we are missing something? but whatever you do, don't resort to fake plants.

  11. dear angela,
    i dont remember your questions all that well but i tried to answer them anyways.

    1. i dont think that it is probable that a fake plant got clint sick.

    2. good point. after putting roman outside for an hour in the sun i wouldn't trust you with my kids either...not even with my plants.

    3. clint is constantly surrounded by toxic air...but he usually just giggles about it while others protect themselves by leaving the room.

    4. you have beautiful skin.

    5. the secret to keeping a kid alive is constant watering and good fertilizer.

  12. Move to Canada. Things grow here even with total neglect for entire months at a time. And don't buy fake plants.

  13. ditto on the fake plants...icky!

    my secret to my plants (which are all dead, too) is the love & affection...everytime you walk by, just throw a little love their way. (maybe your love will be better than mine)