Saturday, July 5, 2008

sunshine and clouds (and everything proud).

Our 4th of July, 2008:

barbeque + sno-cones // lots of swimming + underwater photo shoots // baby ponytails + little smiling faces // sunshine + unexpected windstorms // glow sticks + watching fireworks on TV // late night food runs + movies past midnight

and, most of all,
a super-duper-cool family.


  1. What a fun day! I wish we had sno wal mart otter pops just aren't cutting it.

    Also, Clint is super trim these days! I always kind of do a double take, like "who is that guy Angela is canoodling with??"

  2. Kayla- maybe it's my cooking skills? (OK, or maybe the lack thereof...)

  3. angela, can you just follow me around and take cute pictures of my girls all day long? Thanks for coming yesterday. You and Clint liven up the party.

  4. I think I am going to make a t-shirt for myself. On it will be a huge rendering of my senior picture from 2003. That way when people say to me "Oh my, Clint, you've lost so much weight" or "You're wasting away," I'll just point to the t-shirt as I inform them that yes, I was once a fatty, but it was during the summer between junior and senior years that I lost a practically all of my baby fat. The lankier, less girthy Clint has prevailed for some five years now. The screen-printed yearbook picture of a slim 18-year old on my chest should serve as sufficient proof to support my claim.

    I wish I had been wearing that t-shirt when I gave my mission homecoming talk in 2005. That likely would've prevented Bishop Cadiente from raving over the pulpit for some three minutes of my dramatic weight loss.

    . . . and Kayla, I think this comment causes my knickers to appear far more twisted than they really are (which is not at all), but I just wanted to clarify so that when my best-selling autobiography comes out, the public won't think I am fudging the facts.

  5. Yeah, our family is pretty darn cool. Friday was fun. Let's make up a holiday so we can do it again.