Monday, July 21, 2008

why i thrift: part I.

I mentioned that I've had some successful trips to thrift stores lately. The truth is, I find something awesome almost every time I step into one... because I'm awesome like that I guess. I decided to give some proof for my claim that I'm a professional thrifter and that it is a worthwhile hobby for me.

This week I'm going to post something every day about why I thrift (and why you should too -- or, why you shouldn't even attempt it in AZ because I've got it covered, jk).

part I - for the rad + colorful kitchenware.

My cupboards are overflowing with colors and patterns - here are just a few from my stash. Who needs Anthropologie when you can find things like this for around $1 a piece?

Coming up next:
part II - for the handmade artwork
part III - for the better-shaped clothing
part IV - for the jewelry that always fits
part V - for the perfect patterns on fabric + more


  1. You are awesome like that. But you are going to be awesomer when you post every day this week. I can't wait.

  2. ooooo, those are some good finds. real good finds.

    i've had to ban myself from thrift store as of late. i'm trying to pare down some crap in my house, even if it's good crap.

  3. for the better fitting clothing...FOR YOU! i swear, nothing wants to fit me properly from thrift stores (and you know whyyy ;) ) hah i love you

    plan a day lady!

    oh and i put up pics of the hats im sending to that magazine. woot.

  4. i see a color trend here... fabulous finds. i am with you, i would rather stop by the thrift store than a big box store any day.

  5. Anonymous7/22/2008

    you are so cool. =) and i cant wait to see more of these posts !

  6. Now I feel stupid that all my dishes match. YOUR KITCHEN STASH IS ADORABLE!!!

  7. treasures. to cute to sell.