Tuesday, August 12, 2008

buy n' sail.

For a brief period yesterday, we took over the Mesa Arts Center to float some boats with the kiddos. Clint named his boat after one of his favorite phrases, "I will buy and sell you," which he says about people he doesn't like (mean, right? I think he's joking but you can never be sure).


Happy Birthday this week to: Mom, Kenny (bro-in-law), & Steve (dad-in-law)!

Things are just a little bit busy around here. Amidst the chaos, we are trying to enjoy the two weeks Clint has off before school starts again (and I become basically husband-less for another semester)...


  1. Cute pictures, as usual. I have STILL never stepped foot on the premises of the Mesa Arts Centre. Shame on me.

  2. I always love looking at your blog! You always have the best posts! I was just curious - what photo editor do you use to compile your pictures? I've been using picasa2 but I can't figure out how to get the white border on my pictures??? Thanks!

  3. fyi;
    i deleted my blog {on accident}
    regretfully introducing...