Saturday, August 23, 2008

tengo que practicar.

On my mind today:

So there are a lot of walls in my house, and I kinda want to paint them all. And I'm too indecisive to choose colors. Someone, help.

A few weeks ago, SeeSaw had an all-day brainstorming session (just like we used to do in college). Part of that session involved us taking 30 minutes of personal quiet time and writing down everything about where we wanted to be in 10 years. It had been a long time since I've done that, and a few things took me by surprise. One of those is that I want to be bilingual. Who knew? I should have, since I took four years of Spanish in high school and loved it. So I'm currently listening to Spanish tapes on my drives to/from work, and I can't believe how much I remember. My favorite word right now is desafortunadamente, which means unfortunately. Say it; it's really fun.

public speaking
We're speaking in church tomorrow. So excited...I'm an awesome public speaker. Not. It makes me so nervous. On a good note though, I'm almost done writing it so I can cross it off that list (it's only taken me almost all day).


  1. Well done for this wonderful blog.

  2. I have had red walls, green walls, dark blue walls, and 2 shades of lighter blue walls and my absolute favorites are the lighter blues. One is a slightly more subdued shade in Wes's room and it feels very peaceful and the other is brighter in my room and it always makes me feel..I don't know, perky? I really love my light-ish blue walls.

    Tengo que practicar tambien. My Spanish has fallen a little (a lot) by the wayside.

    Last time I had to talk in church I just bawled the whole time. People came up to me afterward telling me they hadn't cried during a sacrament meeting talk in years but my tears moved them. Truth is, I was just terrified. But I'm glad they got something out of it.

  3. !esta bien, angela! (whatever that means). spanish sounds great. go for it!

    as for my ideas on paint? well, ours are brown, dark red, a very very pastel mint green, yellow, & BLACK! (it's on the back wall of the kitchen & I LOVE's my favorite wall in our house) happy painting!

    great pix, too, by the way!

  4. p.s. enjoy speaking in church. (i'd rather do that than paint)

  5. Stu and I had to speak last week so I feel your pain. You write very well and I know your talk will be great. After you paint your house will you do a room by room photo shoot and post it. I would love to see what you have done with your home.

  6. how funny.

    i'm also picking paint colors - it is so hard when it's your own place. want to chose my walls and i'll choose your?

    i just decided this month that i am going to kick it into gear and finally get serious about studying a language. i'm going with portuguese.

    we're also speaking in church tomorrow ::: panic :::

    we're kinda paralell.
    great doodles on that notebook.

  7. I dare you to paint at least one wall pink.

  8. this post makes me happy. love the brainstorming session. best of luck on that talk. you'll do fabulous.

  9. Hey!!! I found your blog on Anna's. We've missed you guys. I adore your blog!!!

    I love the treasures you found thrifting. I used to be an avid thrifter in Jr. High and High School but lately I just don't seem to find the time. So next time you go, you must call me.

    As far as wall colors...I can't help you. I'm desperately wanting to repaint all of ours. Good luck!

    Tell Clint Hi!!

  10. Well how did it go?

    Also: I wish you had been my teacher in elementary school, because then my penmanship might look something like yours, which is kind of my biggest dream in life. Too bad you're my age and not a teacher.

  11. Anonymous8/25/2008

    Good luck on your talk! I hate speaking in church with a passion!! I'm terrified!

  12. why is your handwriting so cute. my to-do lists look nothing like that.
    if you find help on painting, let me know, i am (almost) in the same dilemma. i am trying to find a color for my back splash in my kitchen and i am loooooost. help.

  13. I'm jealous; I can't wait to live somewhere where I CAN paint the walls. And I'm sure whatever colors you choose will look 10 times better in your house than they would in anyone else's - let's face it, you have "the touch".

  14. Angela!!! Your mom told me about your blog! You are freakin' creative girl (not a surprise) but still, wow! You are so beautiful! I miss you! Hope you're doing great. You and yo honey look so cute and happy. :) I'm gonna be a mom any day now! (just fyi, I had to share:) Have fun painting! That was the hardest part for me too, but just go with your gut and you'll love it!

  15. I think you should just paint your house in a rainbow. Then you have a little bit of every color.

  16. Anonymous9/11/2008

    i love your handwriting!! it reminds me of my friend erica who totally has almost the same writing as you. man... you could make that into a font! hahh.