Saturday, September 20, 2008

bocce ball & polaroids.

At our wedding (almost two years ago!) we had polaroid cameras & film for guests to photograph each other, write a little note on, and pin up on a board. I cherish the ones of all our friends and family. That was such an emotionally overwhelming day and much of it I hardly remember... so it's nice to have some of the informal moments and real happiness captured in those snapshots.

Anyway, I'm not sure why, but the camera has been tucked away in a cabinet since then. Until today.

Somehow our date night yesterday ended up with us eating PB&J's in a parking lot and then shopping for paper towels and gift wrap at Target (classy, I know, but when you're married to someone hilarious anything can be fun). When I walked past the photography section and saw the square 600 film staring back at me on the shelf, I sort of had to have it - after all, one of these days the film is going to disappear on us. And so even though polaroids have been all the rage for years now, I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

Hence the photo of our evening tonight: bocce ball! Our friends Luke and Rory came over to visit, and we played a few rounds at the neighborhood park. I liked the game (maybe slightly less than croquet) and I loved the bag.


  1. Angela you are so cool. Youre blog is so fun to look at. when you get done with twilight. I can tell you about some more fun reads.

  2. I heard that Polaroid is no longer making instant cameras and that the film is going to be gone soon. I immediately bought a camera and some film when I heard that. I am sure when Polaroid stops making film that some other company will capitalize on it and start producing instant film, but it could be even more expensive than it already is. Too bad.

  3. ahhh...polaroids...there's nothing quite like them. even with the amazing light that the new cameras pick up now, we are still drawn to the old, faded look of a polaroid.

    (i hate my crappy point & shoot. christmas, i'll be getting a good one!)

  4. Speaking of wedding: can I put in a request for a couple wedding pictures? I was totally going to go (my parents were there!) but I think we ended up going to Hawaii or something and had to miss it. I was totally bummed because I knew it would be awesome after how much I loved your invitations.