Saturday, September 6, 2008

close to me.

It makes a world of a difference when I pause to notice and appreciate the small details in life. Like the patterns on the inside of my jeans, and a tag by the zipper that says nature calls (how funny is that?). At certain times it really doesn't take much to make me happy, contrary to what my husband may sometimes think.

Other important and not-so-important news:

- That new car we got? Well, yesterday someone decided to crash right into it. Which is funny, because the same exact thing happened two days after I got my new car a couple years ago. And it happened to my car before that. And to Clint's. We might be cursed for life, but all you can do is laugh.

- SeeSaw is moving to a new office space. We've narrowed it down to two spaces: either one on Indian School & 64th, or one right in OldTown at Scottsdale & Camelback which could also be a storefront(!!). This is all pretty exciting. And very stressful.

- Clint is back in school and I'm almost a widow again. I've been spending my alone time reading those ridiculous teenager books (yeah, you know which ones I'm talking about) that I swore I wouldn't read. So maybe I like them... Not to mention, it's pretty hilarious to bring up vampires every time Clint and I have a conversation.

- Over the past month, I've only been eating sugar/desserts one day a week (and almost no meat, which maybe I'll talk about later). It wouldn't be so hard if Clint didn't eat homemade cookies in front of me, and torture me by filling up and eating a bag full of jelly beans from JellyBellyLand aka Super Target. Anyway, last night we went shopping and afterwards I got my dessert, which happened to be my favorite treat in the world and coincidentally also the most fattening: Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie ice cream. It was really good, and so was the movie we watched- Son of Rambow. It will probably make you want to break out in song and sing along with The Cure, like we did.


  1. I'm so sorry about your car(s)! That is such a pain. I assume everyone was okay since you didn't say otherwise... And congrats on moving your business - how exciting!

  2. Anonymous9/06/2008

    i LOVE ben & jerry's.. the cookie dough is my favourite! soo... if you replace the car is it gonna get crashed into again?

  3. NO! Not vampire books! Alex and I swear upon our lives to never read them. She basically doesn't have to read them since every girl at her salon talks about them non-stop and how they would ditch their husbands for Edward. Really? Ladies, HE'S NOT REAL! One has to give the author credit though, despite the fact that one can't truly call such reading literature. How often is it that a romance novel (that is essentially what they are) becomes a best seller? It's okay though, Angela. I won't judge you because I know personally how sharply intelligent you are and that you read real literature as well. I am sure there is some entertainment value in those books, or else they wouldn't be so popular. Was that the longest rant ever? I recently read a book that is classified as 'young adult' that everyone should read. It is called The Book Thief. Pick it up sometime, you'll love it.

    Alex and I have been dying to see Son of Rambow. Is it on video? Anyway, congrats on the new place of business and sorry about the car. That is bizarre.

  4. Dangit. I posted that last comment before I noticed that I ended with a rhyme. Blah.

  5. my friends and I always tell each other about the inside of things that we have bought. For example, "Hey, B! I got the most BEAUTIFUL mugs today at target. They have a pretty pattern on the front, but the INSIDE is patterned too!!"

    So that means if I had ever met you in real life, I would have probably liked you .

    And I seriously hope you go for the one in old town scottsdale. Because how awesome would that be?? Very awesome.

  6. What? Crashed car? How ironic this life is.

    I love little details too, but probably only b/c you're my sister and you've taught me well.

    I think I'm going vegetarian, want to come?

  7. wow a storefront would be amazing - good luck with the selection/move. can't wait to see what your team does next.

    good job on the food front. it is a challenge. i've been meatless for a few weeks now, its not as hard as i thought it would be.

  8. is there any sound greater than that of the cure? i think not.
    (well, i've always loved bjork, though)

    bummer about the neverending stream of bad luck with new cars. but, you know what they say..."lucky in love"!

  9. the lining of clothing is sometimes the best part. it's kind of like your own little awesome secret.

    my car got t-boned this past month. it's no fun, son.

    i really liked son of rambow. i've been dressing my little elliot in an over-sized white wife beater ever since. white trash is the new trend. i'm bringing it back.

  10. i love the inside of jeans, i have the most amazing orange and cream pockets on a pair of bigstars. (i say that like i have alot, i don't) that i want to somehow convert into wall-paper. do you think thats possible?
    a shop, a shop! can't wait to see it, maybe this time i can really come. and won't feel so bad intruding on your "garge".
    so were moving in.... a month! how close are we?

  11. Ryan, I know. I'm ashamed.

    Good thing my husband is WAY better than a vampire...

  12. That your jeans say when nature calls. That is so cute. That is so annoying to have someone hit your car when you just got it. When I was 17 I hit this brand new tahoe. I was riding with Jenny and 5 minutes after I hit the car she called someone to pick her up and I was by myself on the side of the freeway. Back when Jenny was such a good friend. :)