Friday, September 12, 2008

fly away to what you want to make.

Today was just a really good day.

A woman I love and admire once told me "there's magic in the mornings" and I really think it's true. (Unfortunately, I also really think sleeping is magical...). I woke up early for a big client meeting in Phoenix, where I listened to Ernst&Young talk accounting for a couple hours. Considering that I think accounting is probably the most boring thing in the world (sorry Anna), I was surprised at how enjoyable this was.

Then Chelsea's Kitchen for lunch, which was even more enjoyable. Later, a visit to Clint's office, a trip to Anthro, spending time with the husband after a very busy week, and a birthday celebration with family. (Happy Birthday Lindsey!)

Plus it's Friday, so that means tomorrow I get to sleep in and then make a yummy breakfast (last week it was German pancakes).



  1. Anonymous9/13/2008

    "sleeping is magical" made me snort in laughter. haha. mmmm. soo true. =)

  2. i agree, mornings, (and sleeping) are magical. i've become more of a morning person the past year or so, i love the mornings.
    (not to say a good 10 o clock start is a bad thing.)

  3. Well, well, well. Looks like accountants are going to make you famous. Isn't that ironic?? :)

  4. oh how i love the am's. i need to point katy in your direction so she can hear it from you, too. (she wakes up somewhere around 11am)

    your breakfasts sound so nice. there's really something in a great breakfast. i suppose it really IS the most important meal of the day.

    hope to see you soon...

  5. I wish I could wake up before 9:30am. It makes it SO much more difficult when Beckam sleeps till 9:30-10:30 every morning. Don't they always say sleep when your baby's sleeping? I guess I have to. :)
    I'm glad it was such a good day for you.
    Happy Birthday Lindsey!

  6. Fun stuff. I hear you on the accounting thing. Anytime I can't fall asleep I ask Kenny to tell me about work ;) Anyhow, I LOVE my apron. I broke it in last night for my garlic butter mashed potatoes. They were a hit. (I think it was because of my adorable apron) Oh, thanks for the birthday shout out!

  7. i have dinner tonight and an interview tomorrow with ey! haha. funnnnnnny.